A Cut Above The Rest: Why Magento 2 Is The Best B2B Platform

09 Jul 2020
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
A Cut Above The Rest: Why Magento 2 Is The Best B2B Platform

The world of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce has been rapidly expanding over the last several years, and it has grown the market for e-commerce website development. Smart B2B companies know that e-commerce is the most effective solution to providing goods and services to other businesses.

It’s fast becoming an established practice for B2B, and its popularity as a platform only continues to grow. Seeing the potential for growth and securing more market share, many B2B companies are looking closely at Magento 2 as the e-commerce platform of choice for their fledgling endeavors. Why is everyone in the B2B sector looking at Magento 2? Let’s take a look at what we know.

E-commerce and B2B

More recently, B2B owners have also recognized the potential of using e-commerce to engage customers and achieve sales conversions, too. More importantly, though, the first-hand data they collect about customer preferences and details allows them to provide a superior user experience (UX) tailor-made for each client.

Naturally, this has spawned fierce competition within the B2B world, and guarding individual market share against 800-pound gorillas like Amazon and Walmart.com has become a critical concern for both distributors and manufacturers. For these reasons, many B2B companies have begun to examine e-commerce’s potential as a viable strategy for customer retention and developing a strong, loyal customer base.

The growing trend of converting to e-commerce is also the driving force behind more B2B companies choosing Magento 2 as their new e-commerce platform. So why are B2Bs flocking to this platform as a first choice? Here’s what the market research shows.

What Market Research Says About B2B E-commerce

  • The Future of B2B Is Online

Agile B2B companies need to get their e-commerce sites online fast to gain and retain market share from the competition.

  • Cloud-Based Solutions Will Dominate The Market

On-site digital solutions for website building and administration are expensive relics of the past. The ever-present costs of maintaining equipment, upgrading hardware/software, and making repairs have rendered on-premises systems impractical. Cloud-based solutions are more effective and efficient for handling the massive market demands for content management, data security, and personalization. More importantly, they also significantly reduce the cost of doing business as an e-commerce entity.

  • B2B Clients Want Personalization And Support

When choosing a B2B product or service provider, prospective customers all say the same thing: they still want personalized service and support when they need it. Whatever platform a B2B company chooses, it needs to provide the user experience and support customers’ demand.

Using this collected research and trend analysis, Magento 2 was built from the ground up to address rapid deployment, cloud-based solutions, and the client demand for personalization and world-class support. Its popularity only continues to rise as more B2B owners adopt it as their e-commerce platform. Magento 2 truly is the best B2B e-commerce platform, and it’s easy to see why upon examination of how its function and design meet the demands of the market perfectly. Let’s take a look.

Magento 2 Is The Best All In One B2B E-commerce Solution

  • Gets Up And Running Fast

Earning a solid return on their investment is the name of the game, and Magento 2 is the premier platform for businesses of every size and scale looking to conduct business online. Magento has a proven record for making the transition to e-commerce a fast and comfortable affair, and developers have worked with the platform long enough to deliver whatever clients desire from their new e-commerce site. A B2B site can be up and fully functional quickly, allowing owners to be the first to stake their claim on the emerging market share ripe for the taking.

  • Cloud-Based Since Forever

Magento 2 was designed as a cloud-based platform to provide a feature-rich e-commerce solution to users in any business sector. B2B customers can customize their site internally or contract developers and third-party services to provide the UX their customers want. Best of all, a cloud-based system also allows Magento users access to a vast community of other Magento 2 users and development partners who can provide insight and inspiration for improving and expanding B2B e-commerce platforms now and in the future.

  • Superb Personalization & Support System

A high degree of customizability is at the heart of Magento 2’s design, and it’s the feature that allows them to deliver a truly impressive personalization experience for customers. With just a few keystrokes and clicks, B2B e-commerce companies can integrate customer personal data to create a personalized UX that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding client. Magento 2’s added flexibility also allows B2B companies to connect the site with their product and service support seamlessly. Customers can click or call directly from their mobile device and be connected directly with their service provider or the manufacturer.

Choose Magento 2 For Your B2B E-commerce Platform

If you want the most effective solution for taking your B2B company online, you need Magento 2. It was built with an eye toward the future while still being easy to use in the here and now. The potential for scalability as your business grows is phenomenal, and the Magento support team will be with you every step of the way. Choose Magento 2 development, and choose the best platform for online B2B e-commerce.

Mike Patel
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