Why you need a responsive site now more than ever


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Google is Introducing a New “Mobile Friendly” Label:

Why you need a responsive site now more than ever

More and more shoppers are becoming comfortable with the idea of making purchases right from their phones or tablets. In fact, according to a recent study by The Integer Group…

35% of shoppers make purchases on their mobile devices.

As a result, Google is going to start labelling sites, right in the search results, with “mobile friendly.” As you can see in the example below, this new label is so important to them, it even comes before the description of your site.

This is a huge deal for a few reasons.

First, the obvious – it means that customers will know whether or not your site will work on their mobile device before they even go to it.

Secondly, it’s highly likely that this new “mobile-friendly” label will impact your website’s search ranking. Sites that are mobile friendly are very likely to rank higher than sites that are not. But the real bottom line is…

If your site isn’t designed to work on mobile devices, you are losing sales.

Mobile friendly sites are the new standard and not having one is the equivalent of still using a dial-up connection. Think of how common it is to see people out and about, looking down at their phones. You see it in waiting rooms, in lines at restaurants, at stores, events, parties – everywhere.

When people find out about a new product in conversation, they often pull out their phones and look it up for themselves. People comparison shop on their phones while they’re standing in front of the product they want at a store. In this day and age, everyone’s on the go and accessing information online, through their phone. If you want to stay competitive, having a mobile responsive site is no longer a novelty, it’s the norm.

Mike Patel
Mike Patel