Why it's Time to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly


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Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay: Why it’s Time to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile commerce is 2015’s hot topic in the eCommerce world. Everyone’s saying it’s time to go mobile, we included. The fact is, going mobile is not a fad. It’s not a trend. It’s the new normal. 80% of American adults now own a smartphone and the numbers show, they’re using their smartphones (and tablets) to buy online. We’ve reached the point where having a mobile-friendly site is an absolute must for anyone selling online. If your site is not mobile-friendly, I can say with almost absolute certainty that you’re losing traffic and sales because of it.

ioVista can help you convert your current site into a mobile-friendly site. We’ll take your current site and program it to work perfectly whether it’s accessed from a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. If you’re getting mobile traffic (and you most likely are), we’ll help you convert those visitors into buyers. Please call or email us today and let us help you get the mobile-friendly site you need.

Here are just a few of the sites we’ve made mobile-friendly:

Check them out on your desktop and your smartphone so you can see how they work both ways.

For more information about going mobile-friendly, please check out any of the articles below:

If you need a mobile-friendly site, call or email ioVista today. We can get your site upgraded so you get more traffic, more conversions and more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Call: (214)-699-4391

Email: mike@iovista.com

Mike Patel
Mike Patel

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